Mogielica 1170m – the crown of the Polish mountains

Mogielica – the crown of the Polish mountains

Mogielica is included in the Crown of Polish Mountains, it is the highest peak of the mountain range – Beskid Wyspowy – 1170 m above sea level. At its top there is a new, metal lookout tower, from which there is a picturesque, beautiful view of the surroundings and panoramas of the Tatras, Gorce and Beskids. The routes to Mogielica are one of the most interesting and scenic in the entire Beskid Wyspowy. Polana Stumorgowa located just below the peak is also famous for its beautiful views. In the summer season, we can use the bicycle paths, which in the winter turn into cross-country skiing trails. In 2011, a reserve was created on the slopes of Mogielica, the purpose of which is to protect the capercaillie, as well as other rare bird species and their habitats. There are legends around the mountain. One of them is the one that says that on a large boulder under its top, called ‘Rogue Table’, robbers counted the money they got, which they then hid in a cave called Marszałkowa Well in the Poręba clearing.

Trails leading to the top of Mogielica:

– The most popular green trail from the Rydz Śmigły Pass in Chyszówki (1h 40 and 3.5 km). On the way there are several clearings with beautiful views. Free large car park. Difficulty level: easy.
– The blue trail from Jurków (2h 25 min, 5.3 km). Parking in the city center. Lots of views along the trail from the Cyrla clearing, on the way we pass by an interesting rock outcrop “Zbójnicki Stół”. Difficulty level: easy.
-The blue trail from Szczawa, which leads through the beautiful, scenic Polana Stumorgowa mentioned earlier (2h 30 min, 6 km). Difficulty level: longer but easy.
– The yellow trail from Słopnice Królewskie (2h, 4.5km). Parking problem. Difficulty level: easy.
– The green trail from Wyrębisko from the side of the Słopnicka Pass (1.5 h, 3.5 km). This is the fastest and easiest way to reach the top (the sum of the elevation gains is 335 m), but without beautiful views. Parking lot at Polana Wyrębiska.

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