Castle in Moszna – description, interesting facts, history

The castle in Moszna is one of the most fascinating places in Poland, attracting attention with its unusual architecture and rich history. Located in the picturesque village of Moszna, near Opole, this majestic castle is a true gem of the landscape.

The building consists of 99 towers, creating an extremely picturesque view. Each tower has a unique form and decoration, which gives the castle in Moszna a unique character. Walking through its courtyards, you can find towers of various shapes (square, round, quadrangular), which create a beautiful and harmonious combination.

The history of the castle in Moszna dates back to the 16th century, when it was erected as the seat of the German von Tiele-Winckler family. In the following centuries, the castle went through various phases of expansion and modernization, until it reached its present impressive appearance. Inside the castle you can admire the beautiful and richly decorated interiors, full of historical details such as sculptures, paintings and antique furniture. A particularly delightful part is the stately ballroom, which exudes wealth and elegance.

On the night of June 2-3, 1896, a fire broke out for unknown reasons, as a result of which the baroque palace partially burned down. The reconstruction of the palace was undertaken by Franz Hubert. The construction of the current facility was carried out in two phases. First, in the years 1896–1900, included the reconstruction of the burnt central part and the addition of the massif of the eastern wing in the neo-gothic style. The second phase, i.e. the years 1913-1914, was the extension of the western wing in the Neo-Renaissance style.

The castle in Moszna is surrounded by a wonderful park with an area of ​​about 200 hectares. This park is an ideal place to relax and take walks in beautiful nature. Centuries-old trees, colorful flowers and peaceful ponds create a magical atmosphere and provide an amazing visual experience.

Castle in Moszna – Poland

Sleep in a castle and feel like a real aristocrat

Today, the castle serves as a luxury hotel that attracts both domestic and foreign tourists. You can stay there for the night and feel special, walking through the corridors of the castle and using high-quality services.

The castle in Moszna is undoubtedly a place that enchants with its unusual architecture, wealth of historical details and magical atmosphere. In short, it is one of those places worth visiting to feel like a fairy tale hero transported in time to another era.

Library – the castle in Moszna

Some interesting facts about the Moszna Castle:

  1. The castle is famous for its impressive number of towers. Their number is about 99, which makes it one of the most towering castles in Europe. Each tower has its own unique form and architectural style. There are legends about the number of turrets. One says that Count Franz Tiele-Winckler ordered the construction of 99 turrets, because with 100 he would have to pay for the entire garrison of the army. Another legend says that the 99 towers represent the 99 estates of the Tiele-Winkler family.
  2. Like many other castles, Moszna has its own legends and ghost stories. It is said that one of the former owners of the castle, Count von Tiele-Winckler, cursed his heritage, which caused ghosts to appear in the castle corridors. These stories add a mysterious atmosphere to the castle. Apparently, a white lady is wandering around the castle, the ghost of a governess unhappily in love with the count.
  3. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful park with centuries-old oaks and conifers, e.g. the Wejmutka pine (one of them is about 300 years old).
  4. Due to its unique architecture, the castle in Moszna has been used as a scenery for various film and television productions. For example “I Like Bats” – a horror film, Brigitte Bardot wonderful – a Polish drama, Pirx’s pilot test – a science-fiction film.
  5. In the castle orangery you can come across many exotic plants, including an 80-year-old ficus.
  6. Near the castle, in the historic palace and park complex, there is a stud farm in Moszna. A sports horse breeding center as well as a sports and tourist center. More importantly, the Moszna Stud is a nationally and internationally known center for breeding Thoroughbred racing horses and noble half-bred sports horses. The current herd consists of about 200 horses of both breeds.
  7. The castle in Moszna has as many as 365 chambers and rooms.
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