Krka National Park in Croatia

Krka National Park is an extraordinary place that will take your breath away with its natural beauty and spectacular waterfalls. It covers an area of ​​109 km2, making it one of the largest parks in Croatia. Surrounded by lush vegetation and cascading streams, the park offers a unique experience for nature lovers and travelers alike. Walking along the picturesque paths, you can admire the waterfalls, whose magnificent cascades create a magical symphony of sounds and colors. Krka National Park is home to many plant and animal species. Rare birds such as lesser spotted eagles and herons can be spotted here, as well as a variety of plant species, including many endemics.

Krka National Park is open all year round

The park is open all year round. If you only want to reach the Skradinski Buk waterfalls, use the Lozovac entrance. The car should be left in the large parking lot at the ticket office and go down on your own or use the park buses. From April to October, the park offers visitors a free bus service from the entrance to Skradinski Buk. I recommend taking the bus down and sitting as close to the driver as possible, and I guarantee an extra adrenaline rush. In order to fit in numerous bends, the driver must extend the front of the coach over the abyss 🙂 Overall, an additional attraction ?

The water flowing down from the high cliffs undoubtedly creates a mystical atmosphere, leaving an unforgettable experience. We had the pleasure of swimming in these wonderful lakes and waterfalls, but from 2021 there is a total ban on swimming in the KRKA National Park! This place is a real paradise for photography enthusiasts who can immortalize extraordinary landscapes and wildlife. A visit to Krka National Park is not only a journey to beauty, but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the history and culture of this region. The Krka National Park has been a filming location for films and TV productions such as Winnetou. Its picturesque landscapes and beautiful waterfalls attract filmmakers from all over the world who use the unique scenery to realize their projects.

Water mills

The park is surrounded by historic water mills, which are a testimony to the traditional way of life and work of people who have been drawing from the benefits of nature for centuries. These historic structures are an interesting example of technology used for generations to grind grain. It is a place full of harmony and peace, which gives you a chance to break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and also allows you to contemplate the beauty of nature in its purest form. Krka National Park is above all an oasis of peace and balance. It provides an unforgettable experience and inspiration for everyone who wants to discover the magical corners of Croatia.

Skradinski Buk waterfall

As we know, the Park is famous for its beautiful waterfalls. The most famous and largest waterfall is Skradinski Buk. It has a height of about 45 meters and is one of the biggest attractions of the park. It is a wonderful place where the turquoise water flows down the rock steps, creating impressive cascades.

The largest waterfall Skradinski Buk can be reached in less than 10 minutes along a beautiful path. In addition, it leads mainly on wooden footbridges and bridges with a length of about 875 meters. The views are really amazing, the water in the river is transparent and crystal clear, you can see the fish swimming in it perfectly.

In the middle of the Krka National Park is the picturesque island of Visovac. On the island there is a Franciscan monastery from the 15th century, which is an important place of pilgrimage. Visitors can admire the beautiful landscapes and immerse themselves in the spirituality of this historical place.

Practical information:

  • Tickets can be purchased ONLINE on the park’s website – link here.
  • From 2021, there is a total ban on swimming in Krka National Park.
  • Opening hours of the Skradinski Buk waterfall park 2023: June, July, August: 8:00-20:00, September: 8:00-19:00
  • From April to October there are boat trips to the islet of Visovac from 10.00-20.00, off-season until 17.00-18.00. Cost 15€/person
  • You can enter the park with your dog, but on a leash due to the large number of tourists.
  • No fishing allowed.

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