The Repablic of Ściborska – an ecological settlement

Republika Ściborska

The Republic of Ściborska is located in the wildest region of Masuria, called the Polish pole of cold. It is a beautiful area, surrounded by a natural landscape. There is no telephone coverage there, and only forest, grazing cows and wild animals around… This is the region of Poland with the cleanest air. In the settlement there is a museum of Indian and Eskimo culture, the Museum of Maria Rodziewiczówna and the book “Summer of Forest People”, an open-air museum of trapper huts, an Indian village (summer period), a Russian banya, an old house with a preserved black room, ruins of an old farm, traditional wells with water drinking; the largest breeding of sled dogs in the region (60 dogs), a historic 200-year-old bee apiary. There are also family camps where you can learn survival techniques. Participants overcome various difficulties, track wolves in the forest, live in a tipi or a trapper’s hut. It is a great idea for a joint trip to strengthen family ties and experience an unforgettable adventure together.

Dog sledding – The Republic of Ściborska
Symbolic state border – The Republic of Ściborska
A settlement among wild nature

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